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--Exclusive BlackOut Design Offers Advanced Surge Protection from AC Powerline Surges and Spikes, Plus Protection Against Performance-Degrading “Dirty Power.”--

Denver, Sept. 4, 2008—Monster, the industry leader in AC power conditioning and surge protection products, is pleased to announce that it has begun shipping the newest products in its Monster Power® lineup – the BlackOut™  650 PowerCenter™ and BlackOut PowerCenter  900, both with Monster’s exclusive sleek design featuring illuminated graphics to match the style of today’s home theater components. When a BlackOut PowerCenter is turned off, the surface appears to be solid gloss black. When turned on, the outlets are identified with color-coded application indicator lights.


Monster® BlackOut 650 PowerCenter and BlackOut PowerCenter 900 are engineered to provide consumers with advanced protection against common and frequent power surges, spikes, and dips in AC power, which can easily damage or destroy the delicate digital circuitry in home theater electronics.


PG&E, one of the country’s largest power utilities, has stated: “Small surges can occur several times a day or a hundred times an hour ranging from several thousand volts to under 100 volts. A single, powerful surge can literally melt, weld, pit and burn its way through solid-state circuits.”


Monster BlackOut PowerCenter products feature a variety of unique elements that take surge protection to a new level, such as advanced ceramic-encased MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) for additional safety. The ceramic insulation in Monster BlackOut products offers superior fire protection to keep home theater equipment, and the rest of the home, protected against fires caused by high-power surges. For a triple layer of safety, BlackOut PowerCenter MOVs protect against power surges and spikes on all three power lines (line, neutral, ground).


BlackOut 650: Over 2160 Joules of Surge Absorption

With over 2160 Joules of surge absorption capacity, the BlackOut 650 High Definition PowerCenter HDP 650 gives delicate HDTV and digital AV electronics the advanced protection they need. Many ordinary surge protectors only use MOVs with a limited surge absorption capacity, which is rated in Joules. If a surge’s power exceeds the Joule absorption capacity, any connected equipment is left vulnerable to surge damage. The HDP 650 offers added protection against extremely powerful overloads with advanced Monster Dual Mode Plus™ circuitry that automatically disconnects to isolate AV equipment from dangerous AC power conditions. Dual Mode Plus also sounds an audible alarm to signal that the PowerCenter has protected connected electronics.


BlackOut 900 with Patented Tri-Mode® Surge Protection

The BlackOut 900 High Definition PowerCenter provides even greater protection, with over 3780 Joules of surge absorption capacity. In addition, patented Monster Tri-Mode® circuitry in the BlackOut 900 automatically disconnects AV equipment from dangerous AC power conditions, isolating components from potential damage. Unlike other surge protectors, only patented Tri-Mode automatically disconnects both live power lines (line and neutral) for complete protection against even the most powerful surges and spikes. Tri-Mode also sounds an audible alarm to signal that the PowerCenter has protected connected electronics.


Noel Lee, Head Monster, noted: “All connections in a home theater system need to be protected from power surges and spikes, or else the entire system is vulnerable to damage. Surges and spikes can also travel through cable, satellite, and telephone lines and severely damage or even destroy your equipment. Both of our new BlackOut PowerCenters feature comprehensive surge protection on coax and phone connections for satellite, antenna, DVR, and cable TV line protection. The HDP 900 adds network protection as well.”


Beyond Surge Protection: Cleaning Up Performance-Degrading “Dirty Power”

In addition to the danger posed by power surges and spikes in AC power, cell phones, TVs, appliances, and other electronics all generate noise and interference

that can pollute a home’s electricity. This “dirty power” can degrade picture and sound

performance in a home theater system. Dirty power can also stress the delicate digital circuitry inside HDTVs and other home theater components, potentially shortening their life. However, ordinary surge protectors can’t remove the effects of dirty power.


Monster BlackOut PowerCenters feature advanced Monster Clean Power™ HD Stage 1 filtering that is precision-engineered to remove the effects of dirty power for better picture and sound performance. In addition, by minimizing noise and interference, HD Clean Power filtering reduces unnecessary wear on the digital circuitry in today’s high definition home theater components.


To provide users with added confidence and security, Monsterous™ Warranties with BlackOut Power products will replace up to $200,000 worth of equipment on the HDP 650 and the $250,000 worth of equipment on the HDP 900, in the unlikely event that damage to components is sustained by a power surge or spike in systems with properly connected BlackOut PowerCenter products.


Monster Power BlackOut PowerCenter HDP 650: MSRP $99.95

Monster Power BlackOut PowerCenter HDP 950: MSRP $129.95